Video Gateway for Vehicles

The compact and ruggedized MSMVG system is ideal for deployment in buses, trains, police vans, security vehicles, ambulances, delivery trucks, cash-in-transit vans and all emergency response vehicles.
Video channels:
4 channel - MSMVG 440
8 channel - MSMVG 880
MSMVG uses cellular and wireless technologies to stream high-quality live or recorded video from vehicles to remote client devices.
  •  Full GPS support: allows remote users to locate and track vehicles
  • Anti-shock, vibration- resistant chassis: ensures reliability on the road
  • Support for a closed- circuit monitor: enables drivers to see what is going on in every corner of the vehicle at a glance
  • Bi-directional audio capabilities: speak freely with dispatchers and other personnel
Download full technical specifications
More info about the Compact 2 Channels Mobile Video Gateway for cars
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