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McSira represents the world leader in the development and deployment of 3D, real-time, multi-participant virtual simulations. As a recognized authority on U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) architecture requirements and standards for simulation systems, McSira delivers virtual simulation systems for a wide range of military and public safety (civil) training environments.

Today`s powerful, yet affordable, PC computing platforms enable the creation of stunningly realistic and interactive synthetic environments for almost any training scenario. By leveraging advanced techniques for developing highly immersive virtual environments, McSira delivers computer-generated imagery-based simulations that prepare trainees for real-world missions in a variety of settings - including natural environments, urban areas with building interiors, and transportation centers such as subways, airports, and harbors.

If your training programs can benefit from virtual simulation, McSira can deliver a powerful and affordable PC-based solution. As a recognized leader in virtual training environment technologies, our platforms and engineering expertise can address a wide range of requirements from basic terrain rendering to highly interactive distributed simulations.


Members of our staff have helped to define the standards for real-time, distributed, multiple-participant simulations and are industry experts in several virtual reality frameworks developed for the DOD.
We have demonstrated capabilities in:

  • High Level Architecture (HLA) - first certified HLA simulation

  • Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS)

  • Virtual simulation interactions with computer-generated forces (CGF) and constructive simulations (such as OneSAF and JCATS)

  • Synthetic Environments and open industry standards such as OpenFlight


McSira has a well-established track record for delivering virtual simulation training. Our solutions have been widely used to develop and practice dismounted infantry tactics, techniques, and procedures in a variety of battlefield scenarios. In addition, we have led the way in developing virtual simulation capabilities to train emergency responders in disaster management.

Located adjacent to the U.S. Army Program Executive Office, Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEO STRI, formerly STRICOM) and U.S. Navy Training Systems Division in Orlando, Florida, and near the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, our staff play an active role in several military simulation training initiatives.

We have in-depth experience in:

  • Virtual dismounted infantry simulation

  • Virtual homeland security and defense applications

  • High-fidelity synthetic environments for training & mission rehearsal

SVS® Platform

The SVS® platform is the driving force behind all of our 3D graphics-based virtual environment offerings. The SVS® platform is the first PC-based system that delivers incredible realism at an affordable price.

Its robust graphics-based virtual environment supports:

  • Individual or multiple participants enabling complete role flexibility and individual or collective level training,

  • High-resolution 3-D graphics for realistic visualizations,

  • High-fidelity sound supports aural localization, and

  • Hybrid acoustic / ultrasonic motion detection for in-the-loop trainee insertion.

SVS® product configurations include a number of desktop applications and "immersive" systems. Our desktop offerings include first-person military and civil applications. Other desktop-based products include SVS® BattleMaster for centralized simulation control and monitoring and SVS® Authoring for creation of dynamic training scenarios. SVS® Mil and Civil are also available in immersive configurations.

SVS® Desktop Configurations
SVS® desktop solutions include four applications SVS® Mil, SVS® Civil, SVS® BattleMaster, and SVS® Authoring.

SVS® Mil (previous SVS® DI) is an integrated solution for dismounted infantry (DI) simulation, valuable for individual, small team, and collective training. It provides realistic simulation of joint military operations on urban terrain (MOUT) as well as restrictive and open terrain scenarios.

SVS® Civil is specially configured to simulate disasters, both man-made and natural, for the purpose of training responders and command elements. Designed for first responders and civil support teams, SVS® Civil is a turn-key solution that simulates realistic incidents in urban and rural environments.

SVS® BattleMaster
SVS® BattleMaster is an all-in-one simulation monitoring, control, and after-action review (AAR) tool. Capabilities include an Event Tool for the creation of dynamic (and unexpected) events, an Exercise Controller for real-time simulation initialization and control, and an After Action Review (AAR) capability to record and replay simulation exercises.

SVS® Authoring
SVS® Authoring provides "drag-and-drop" scenario creation through the Scenario Development Tool. Additionally, embedded individual computer-generated forces (CGF) can populate your scenario with dynamic, responsive human entities visualized through our own Human Animation Package.

SVS® Immersive Configurations
SVS® Immersive provides either SVS® Mil or SVS® Civil functionality with either a projected large-screen display or a head-mounted display (HMD). SVS® Immersive provides real environment user motion tracking, unique high-fidelity weapon or sensor user interfaces, and dramatic spatialized sound presentation.

SVS® Field-Ready Wearable Configuration
SVS® Field-Ready Wearable is a completely man-worn, untethered, HMD-based simulation and training system.  High-performance commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components included are: 3D accelerated wearable computer with wireless networking, high-resolution OLED HMD, and inertial tracking of the head, body and wireless weapon.  Easily combine multiple systems together to form a portable, high-fidelity, team training solution.

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