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Since 1995, Advanced Interactive Simulators, has been designing and providing custom modified firearms for simulation, specifically designed to meet the training requirements of our customers. McSira provides a wide selection of modified firearms with designed capabilities ranging from dedicated advanced system controlled modified firearms to simplified drop-in barrel kits to be used in the customer’s own firearms.

Quality Assurance

McSira modified firearms typically start with the actual or demilitarized firearm modified to not chamber or discharge live ammunition. McSira modified firearms offer:

  • Realistic look, weight and feel of the original non-modified firearm

  • Modular electronics for increased reliability and maintenance

  • Sensors and components manufactured for long-life

All modified recoil designs undergo stringent quality assurance testing that includes:

  • Recoil cycle analysis to ensure reliable operation

  • Functionality checks to ensure that the modified firearm’s operation and features replicate that of the original firearm

Custom Firearm Types

Recoil - Modified firearms are designed to provide recoil to add realism into your training. There are multiple recoil designs to choose from to best fit your specific training needs:

  • Floor Box (System Controlled Tethered) - Reliable Recoil, Dedicated Use, and Control, Status and Diagnostic Feedback

  • Belt-Pack (Tethered) - Reliable Recoil and Unrestricted Use

  • AirMunition™ (Non-Tethered) - Reliable Recoil, Unrestricted and Most Realistic

  • Dvorak (Tethered) – Dvorak Instrument’s air recoil kit, simple recoil using CO2 that is quickly installed and removed from weapons.

Dry Fire - Design Options provide viable training and diagnostic tools in simulation:

  • Dedicated Dry Fire - 100% safe dry fire barrel, permanently modified and unrestricted

Drop In Laser Kits - 100% safe laser insert and added versatility in firearm selection

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