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The PRISim Suite platform produces exceptionally realistic video-based environments for all aspects of firearms handling including marksmanship, decision-making, and tactical strategies.
PRISim Suite utilizes High definition technology to create vivid digital environments that are as close as you can get to the real thing.

PRISim Suite delivers all the hard realities of a real operation al encounter. The judgment calls, indecision, sudden fear, partial understanding, blind side surprise, and eye-blink response are all part of the training experience that conditions the trainee for survival.

Our integrated ShootBack® and audio/video capture technologies add a vital intensity level and the training discipline to record student performance.

To provide your trainers the benefit of additional instruction from an expert McSira trainer, we offer an optional sixteen hour training session on all simulators. The session can include up to 4 trainers and demonstrates how to integrate the capabilities of the PRISim Suite system with your current training requirements.

Realistic Interaction

Our goal in simulation training is to make the experience `as real as it gets` - to mentally challenge the participant and create the physical conditions similar to a real-world event. We ensure that every trainee focuses on the task at hand and not the artificial constraints of the simulator. That’s why security forces continually rank PRISim Suite as the most realistic training available in the industry.

As part of every training environment, PRISim Suite can integrate scenario branching to alter outcomes based upon trainee decisions and interactions. Based upon the trainee’s verbal responses, the instructor can alter scenario outcomes. This means that every situation has multiple endings and is not memorisable.

To add the ultimate level of realism, a PRISm® training solution can integrate a patented ShootBack® cannon that simulates hostile fire. The ShootBack® option has been proven to dramatically reinforce lessons in proper cover techniques and bring the simulation environment much closer to realistic experience than other simulators.

Trainees can approach less-lethal situations with options such as flashlights, incapacitating sprays, PepperBall™, TASER, and bean bag shotguns. Shot sequences and reactions can be played back and muzzle movements can be traced and displayed to verify appropriate use of the tools, and reaction time.

Shooting Range Simulator

PRISim Suite simulators provide highly realistic use-of-force training that develops the skills required for personnel armed with both lethal and less-lethal weapons. Flexible deployment options allow training to be delivered at fixed facilities or at any off-site location using any one of the portable systems.

Talk to any of our clients and they will tell you that PRISim sets the standard for use-of-force firearms training. Since first introduced in 1998, PRISim simulators have delivered training environments to thousands of law enforcement, military, and public safety personnel.

The PRISim Suite platform produces exceptionally realistic video-based environments for all aspects of firearms handling including marksmanship, decision-making, and tactical strategies. PRISim Suite utilizes High Definition technology to create vivid digital environments that are as close as you can get to the real thing.


The Marksman system is an integrated software module available to the PRISim Suite product line that enables instructors to easily control courses of fire for basic marksmanship training and weapons handling.

The Marksman software includes these features: a variety of ready to use scenarios wind simulation ballistic correction for the actual range calculates Mean Point of Impact (MPI) and Grouping • allows the instructor to remove rogue shots Marksman is compatible with all PRISim tracking systems, both live fire and laser.

No additional equipment needs to be added to the PRISmim Suite system to run Marksman. Scenario replay provides immediate feedback, comprehensive debriefing and diagnostics of trainee performance, including weapon use and individual statistics.

High-Quality Content

Quality content is the key to effective simulator training. At McSira, we have developed an extensive scenario library that you can use with your PRISim Suite simulator. These scenarios depict a wide variety of situations encountered by security forces operating in both civilian and military settings.

These professionally produced content sets include multiple scenario outcomes relevant to: Patrol, Tactical Training, Corrections, Airport, Law Enforcement, Military, Security etc.

In addition, the PRISm® Scenario Production System enables you to create custom content for your specific training requirements. Using this powerful, yet easy-to-use tool, you can edit an existing scenario or create original scenarios from scratch. You can also commission McSira to produce custom scenarios.

Outstanding Firearms Selection

With PRISm® as your training platform, you can choose from a wide variety of firearms and accessories to meet your specific training needs. PRISm® firearms options range from full-duty firearms with live ammo to laser-firing variations of handguns and automatic firearms. In addition, trainees can also interact with the PRISm® platform using many less-lethal options and flashlights.

A trainee can enter a simulation with a long gun, duty side arm, OC spray and flashlight - just as fully equipped as they would be on a real life. Based on the decision and the situation confronted in the scenario, the trainee must determine the correct implement and deploy it correctly.

Deployment Flexibility

No other use-of-force simulators in the industry offer the deployment flexibility of the PRISim Suite platform. For centralized training, our simulators can be the centerpiece of a fixed-facility theater. If you need to bring the training to trainees located at remote sites, you can deploy the platform in a custom trailer or one of the portable systems.

In addition to simulator facilities, McSira also offers PRISm Suite in two packages. There is the desktop system that is perfect for an installed environment (like police school or military academy) where tactical movement is of importance.
For the ultimate portability solution, we also offer a portable version that can travel to almost any destination where training is needed.
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