GPS Tracking Jammer
GPS Tracking Jammer is a bolt-on module that provides affordable, effective protection against the jamming of GPS receiver.
It ensures continuity of the navigation and timing signals used by emergency services, logistics, security and commercial operations. No other device that offers the same level of performance is as small light, affordable or as easy to install and conceal as GPS Tracking Jammer.
Designed with in-vehicle applications in mind, GPS Tracking Jammer is also suitable for a wide variety of other platforms such as personal backpack platforms, stationary applications and many more.
-  Simple to install:  GPS Tracking Jammer is a retrofit solution which does not require any changes to existing GPS installations, which keeps installation time to a minimum.
-  Many installation options: Its small size and low power consumptions makes GPS Tracking Jammer ideal for installations where space and power are limited, making it suitable for covert applications.
-  Widely compatible: GPS Tracking Jammer can be deployed to add protection to existing installations which have a separate antenna and receiver.
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