CCTV Video Surveillance
Cutting edge video recording and transmission systems for the security and transportation sectors: DVRs with live video streaming capabilities over cabled, wireless and cellular networks.
Advanced video compression has been optimized to provide the best available video streaming quality over cellular and other low bandwidth networks.
All McSira`s CCTV solutions enable remote centralized monitoring of any site, from any location, at any time.
Advanced and integrated video recording and transmission systems
Mobile Video Gateways for vehicles, for remote sites with no cabled connection to the internet, for offices and homes, for commercial sites or body worn...
- Real-time alert of an event from one or several distant sites
- Protection of an isolated site with no transmission or power sources
- Surveillance of vehicles and quick action possibilities for protection of the staf, passengers or property
- Be alerted and view an event from ones office or all around the world
- From a simple internet access ADSL, GPRS, 3G, GSM transmission or reception, monitor and supervise all your sites in real time.

Video Gateway for Vehicles
McSira security systems comprise two main components:
Video Gateways: Powerful, standalone and highly modular servers that are installed on-site and are compatible with standard CCTV equipment. These units combine full- featured DVR functionality with state-of-the-art compression and transmission capabilities. A range of models that are optimised for a variety of applications and environments, including large industrial sites, smaller commercial and residential locations, and moving platforms, is available.
Client Applications: Software that is installed on third-party devices - such as desktop or laptop PCs, PDAs, and cellular phones - and is used to download and play live and recorded video from video gateways.
Connections between video gateways and client applications can be established through a variety of types of IP-based networks - the Internet, cellular networks, LANs, and WLANs - using cable/DSL lines, cellular modems, or standard telephone lines (dial-up modems or ISDN).
All our security systems feature:
• Exceptionally low bandwidth usage for high-quality video transmission
• Video transmission over IP networks
• Remote viewing of live and recorded video via client applications running on PCs, PDAs, and cellular phones
• Integration of input sensors and output activation sensors
• Event detection via built-in Video Motion Detection (VMD), input sensor, or internal video-lost sensor
• Event notifications via e-mail, SMS, or pop-up alarm
• Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) control, even from PDAs and mobile phones
• Full integration of audio and video
• Minimal disk usage for recorded video
• Large-capacity hard drive for local storage of recorded video (most models)
• Downloading of video for storage on remote PCs
How does it work?

LAN: Local Area Network
WAN: Wide Area Network
Info about McSira Cameras
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