Breach and rescue equipment

Small and light weight Breaching and Rescue Kit is unique for rescue, security and intervention forces.

The tools, with tremendous intensity, are operable by a single operator with a miniature pump, designed for those delicate situations, where there is no room for large volume heavy equipment and when time is of the essence.

·         Carried on a back pack
·         No need for external source of energy
·         Manual miniature hydraulic pump
·         Flexible hose
·         Quick connections
·         Hydraulic cutter, Operable in any angle, cut materials of 13 millimetre
·         Tiny hydraulic spreader, compact & unique of its kind in spreading force
·         Bar buster, spread bars, lift gates rip bars from the wall
·         Flat base for the bar buster turns it for jack (to lift a vehicle)
 Hydraulic manual pump
Hydraulic manual pump Hydraulic manual pump Weight without hose 2.60 Kg

Measures 360 x 100 x 130 mm

Working pressure 400 Br

 Hydraulic Cutter
Hydraulic Cutter Hydraulic Cutter Weight 3.3 Kg

Measures 240 x 50 x 190 mm

Cutting 13 mm

Cutting power 17,000 Kg
 Hydraulic Spreader
Hydraulic Spreader Hydraulic Spreader Weight 3.48 Kg

Measures 298 x 110 x 77 mm

Spreading power 2,580 Kg

Min. closed spread 3.5 mm

Max. open spread 82 mm
 Hydraulic Bar buster
Hydraulic Bar buster Hydraulic Bar buster Weight 3.5 Kg

Measures 480 x 65 x 110 mm

Closed length 93 mm

Min. spread 35 cm

Max. spread 63.5 cm

Spreading force 1500 Kg

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