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Water Generator System





Water Generator - Independent system, with different dimensions.

Productions capabilities (25-100 Litres/Day)

A compact Vehicle Mounted Water Generator designed to extract water from the ambient air humidity and supply cold, fresh and healthy drinking water for the vehicle`s crew. The system scaled to fit various military tactical vehicles and can be produced in different dimensions, shapes and productions capabilities (25-100 litres a day). Cold water is served from a tap within the system or inside the cabin.
Water-treatment unit - Integral system that manages and purifies the vehicle`s AIR CONDITION water.

The system include filtering and mineralization, detecting and managing the shortage of water and filling-up of containers.

The system filters and treats vehicle’s Air Conditioning System (HVAC).
The integrated Water Treatment module captures, treats and manages the run off water from the vehicle`s Air Conditioning System (for those vehicles so equipped) to make it a water source for human consumption.

Water Generator develops water generation technologies, integrated with tactical military vehicles that extract water from the ambient air humidity.  Water Generator’s robust and innovative products are designed to meet military needs and standards, including MIL-SPEC. The products ensure secured water sources for each combat unit, even in rough weather and field conditions. The company has wide-scale patents (pending) regarding the systems and the methods.


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