Light Guide Cables

Standard Light Guide Cables

Endoscope cable standard lengths: 2 metres and 5 metres
Standard active fibre diameter: 5mm
Standard end connectors: ACMI male both ends (Alternatives by request)
Standard sheathing: flexible metal spiral with PVC over sheath
Ring Lights And Swan Necks
We offer a wide range of fibre lighting for specialist applications, such as microscopy photography and machine illumination.
Liquid Light Guide Cables

Where daylight balance or specific light wavelength transmissions are required (such as ultraviolet transmission), liquid-filled cables offer the solution. (Where cable lengths over 3 metres are required, liquid-filled cables have lower transmission losses/wavelength changes.)

Liquid light guide standard length: 1.8 metres 3 metres and 5 metres
Standard active core diameter: 5mm and 8mm
Standard end connectors: ACMI male both ends (Alternatives by request)
Standard sheathing: Flexible metal spiral with PVC over sheath
Camera Systems
Endoscope Cameras

Miniature colour/monochrome composite/S video signal cameras interface to all forms of rigid and flexible endoscopes (borescopes), via an interface lens adaptor. Digital and still camera interface provided by lens mount adaptors. Mains AC and fully portable systems packages provided.
Recording: Flashcard/hard drive imaging capture and USB2 output.

Pipe Work Cameras



`Worm` low cost LED lit fully portable colour camera systems, on 15 metres of semi flexible cable. (18mm and 24mm diameter camera head.)
Cold Light Sources:

Effective lighting is one of the most important aspects of endoscopy, especially when used with cameras.
We offer both quartz halogen and arc lamp high intensity light sources operable from mains and 12 volt DC power, with portability the key word.
24 watt/50 watt metal halide light sources offer high light output, with optimal battery run-time. 

Metal halide and xenon light sources offer good spectral response in the UV range and can be offered with liquid light guide cables and filtration for UV optimisation.

For maximum light energy and best daylight balance, the 180 watt xenon light source is the answer.

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