Underwater and Pipe search camera

 Nemo colour or monochrome camera ( forward and side view system) works to 50 metres depth. Lit by LED’s the systems side view camera rotates through 270 degrees. The cable operates from a slip ring reeling drum, the system is fully portable and links to the Tyke monitor system.
Camera Search Systems
Pole Camera Systems
The Tyke pole camera system uses the latest CCD chip and LED technology, to optimise performance for fast search applications.
Systems are available both in monochrome or colour and with covert IR or white light LED’s.

The 6.5 inch LCD TFT monitor, has a built-in lithium ion re-chargeable battery pack, with facility for input of additional battery power, where continuous search is involved.

Tyke`s camera is offered either wireless or cable linked to the monitor. Differing length poles and other accessories such as an under vehicle trolley are also available, as dictated by customer application.
Flexible Endoscope Search Kits for professional and security

Fully portable, diesel, water and oil proof flexible endoscope kits using a miniature high intensity metal halide arc lamp source and 10 ampere hour re-chargeable battery pack, to optimise light output.
Kits also available with miniature monochrome/colour video cameras and still digital cameras, for fitments to the endoscope eyepiece.
Standard endoscope lengths: 1 metre and 2 metre
Standard endoscope diameters: 6mm and 8mm (Smaller diameters on request)
Tip articulation: 6mm 2 way, 8mm 4 way, 120 degrees in each plane
Attached light guide cable: 1500mm
Light source: 24 watt miniature high intensity
Battery run time: 2 hours continuous
Re-charge time: 2 hours

Note: For fuel tank immersion a spark resistant outer sheathing is fitted.
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