Flexible endoscope
Flexible Endoscopes (Bore scopes)
We are able to offer an extensive range of competitively priced, good resolution glass image bundle instruments.
All instruments are sealed against ingress of water, oil and aviation fuel.
Standard diameters: 3.2, 4.0, 6.0 and 8.0mm
Standard lengths: 500 to 3000mm
Outer sheathing: tungsten metal braid
Tip articulation: two and four way direction with locking
Direction of view: forward, with facility for changing to side view
Field of view: 60 degrees
Depth of field: 4.0 to 150mm (infinity setting) as standard
Focus: adjustable dioptre eyepiece
Light guide: 1500mm long permanently attached or detachable having
ACMI female connector ( Alternatives by request)
Note: instruments with quartz lighting fibre available for the transmission of ultraviolet at 365nm.

Semi-Flexible Scope

Sightseer micro flexible viewing scope, with high sensitivity, high resolution image bundle and with interchangeable viewing tips.

Instrument can be used by eye or coupled to camera.
Semi-flexi scope insertion tube diameter: 3.5mm
Insertion tube length: 600mm
Image bundle resolution: 30.000 or 50,000 pixel
Directions of view: direct forward with 30 degree (for-oblique) 60 degree (for-oblique) and 90 degree (side view) add-on tips
Field of view: 50 degrees
Focus: Adjustable
Eyecup: 31.75mm diameter standard European
Accessories: Video/stills camera adaptor, video cameras and video recorder.
Micro Flexible Endoscopes

For diameters of 2.5mm and less we offer fused image bundle instruments.
At 2.4mm diameter we are able to offer two way tip articulation up to 1000mm length.

Non articulating diameters: 0.9, 1.3, 2.0, 2.2, and 2.5mm
Lengths: 600 to 4000mm
Field of view: 65 and 95 degrees
Depth of field: 4.0 to 50mm (infinity setting) as standard
Focus: adjustable dioptre eyepiece
Light guide connector: ACMI female (Alternatives by request)
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