Rigid Endoscope

Rigid Endoscopes

Lengths: 50mm up to 2.0 metres
Diameters: 1.5mm to 15mm
Lighting: fibre lit
Directions of view: forward, forward oblique, side and retrograde
Fields of View: 35 and 55 degrees. Narrower/wider fields on request
Focus: fixed/adjustable
Focus distance: 4mm to 150 (infinity) Variation available on request
Eye cup: 31.75mm diameter standard European format
Light guide connector: ACMI female. Alternatives on request
Options: Orbital scan, Interchangeable shafts (Combiscopes) and swing prism. (Orbital scan and Combiscopes are available for instruments larger than 4mm diameter, swing prisms at 6mm diameter and above)
Servicing: Instrument service and full re-build for `own make` and most other makes.
Free quotation on request, please contact us.
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