Video Endoscope


Video Endoscope Search Kits

Fully portable colour or monochrome video endoscope search kits designed to give the user good visibility and portability when searching vehicles and buildings. (Monochrome is required for applications where very low light conditions are present.)

The video endoscope flexible insertion tube has been fully protected for use in non-flammable liquids.
Ergonomic design of the controls allows one-handed control operation, leaving the second hand free to manoeuvre the insertion tube.
Flexible video endoscopes are available in 6 or 8mm diameters and in lengths up to 6 metres, with tip articulation. Interchangeable viewing direction tips and tip fields of view are also available.
The endoscope is illuminated by a high-power battery operated miniature xenon light source, waist belt mounted for optimum portability. The video image is displayed on a neck hung 6.5” LCD monitor with fitted anti-glare screen and in-built battery pack. Gel sealed or lithium ion re-chargeable battery pack options are offered, against differing customer needs.

Kits can be tailored to suit individual customer requirements, in particular where mix and match kit items and packaging requirements are concerned.

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