Cell Phone Detector
Precision Cell Phone Detection
McSira Pro Cell Phone Detector is a precision, handheld, wireless sniffer specifically tuned to the RF signature of common cell phones (both U.S. & European bands) including PCS, CDMA / WCDMA (UMTS), GSM, EGSM Cellular bands as well as GPS trackers and even U.S. DECT 6.0 cordless phones that cause interference with European cellular carriers.
McSira Pro Cell Phone Detector’s high speed scanning receiver utilizes a multi-band DF (Direction Finding) antenna system allowing security personnel to locate nearby cell phones in either standby mode or during active voice, text or data RF transmissions making it the perfect tool for enforcing your NO WIRELESS security policy.
Instead of illegal and unsafe cellular jamming signals, McSira Pro Cell Phone Detector prevents wireless usage by detecting and even locating the perpetrator. Pro Cell Phone Detector’s simple trackball/pushbutton operation and ultra-bright OLED screen make it easy to use for both trained and untrained security personnel.
McSira M2M Cell Tower Tester is designed for M2M installers or electrical contractors on-the-go. The portable tester receives all common standards
(Cellular, GPRS, GSM, PCS, CDMA, UMTS, etc.) and identifies major U.S. and European carriers. These signal strength and quality measurements allow M2M installers to make quick but informed decisions for placement of components such as antennas as well as M2M 3G modems. This realtime signal strength analysis allows critical decisions to be made before expensive deployment begins and also allows the technicians to deploy their buildout much faster.
Gone are the days of relying on consumer phones and their unreliable signal reception bars. McSira M2M Cell Tower Tester’s simple pushbutton operation, menu navigation and super clear OLED screen make it the ideal tool for workers with any experience level.
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