Secured Encrypted Communications
            Who cares about your communication?


  • How often do you conduct your business and private affaires from public places?
  • How often do you travel and use public hotspots and WiFi?
  • How easy is it to conduct target or random espionage in public places? Cafés, airports and airplanes, trains, restaurants…
  • How easy is it for your commercial competitor, a business or personal partner to tap to your phone?

Espionage, voice interception and sabotage are no longer available for governments and security services only. The evolution of technology and information, and lower costs thereof, means it is now possible for individuals and organisations to intercept mobile communications with relative ease. 
These days everybody prefers to use their mobile phones, to store confidential private information and to discuss confidential information over the phone.
We do not know who intercept our call. It can be NSA from the US or other countries, it can be hackers, private investigators working for your business partner, or indeed, you wife or husband. 
McSira`s Crypt-IT offers a ONE PIER solution:
Your calls are encrypted regardless of the other end of your call.
With multiple Pier Crypt-IT,  your calls are fully protected by most secured software and network encryption, directed through our servers!
Annual cost includes all phone calls you make, using our solutions, local and international!

Crypt-IT solution is based on approved encryption by government`s security agencies!

Our developers, encrypting communication for government organizations for over a decade.

  • Support – we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction
  • Reliability
  • Easy to use
  • ONE PIER Solution
  • Call any number scrambled
  • Highest available encryption with GOV and MILI specs
  • BYOD – Bring Your Own Device, use you phone for the SW - you receive a new number and keep using yours
  • Server solution for organizations (Minimum 50 users)
  • Connect to contacts on your device or feed in
  • Call history and complete list clearance
  • Conference calls
  • Worldwide Call costs are included in our services. You will not have to pay to your mobile provider anything for your telephone calls.


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