It is now quite common practice for terrorists to use cellular or satellite phones, which are programmed to remotely activate planted bombs.
Our jammers are designed specifically for the purpose of immobilizing all communication links between mobile cellular or satellite phones and the local or satellite base station within a protected area, as well as communication wireless links between computerized system which uses WLAN, WiFi or Bluetooth standards.
As a result, all mobile phones within the predetermined area of the activated jammer are not able to receive any signals. Cellular phones or other devices outside the protected area are not affected.
 Tactical Jamming Systems
HF/VHF/UHF Tactical Jammer

This Multiband Tactical Jamming System is a state-of-the-art highly efficient special high power Jamming System, designed for anti-terror security applications and VIP protection.
The jammer is constructed to jam continuously and simultaneously up to twelve frequency channels.

The Jammer System is integrated into a large size trolley type weather/shock proof MilSpec Pelican case.
All control switches are external, enabling fast and easy operation.
Vehicular Jamming systems



The Vehicular Jamming System is a user-friendly cost effective solution, developed to provide you a high power broadband jamming system, in a smaller more compact form designed for fast and easy installation into any type of vehicle.
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