GPS Tracker
Tracking server
GTS was specifically designed to meet the needs of law enforcement agencies for remote objets tracking.
The system can be assigned to a single user or to a company with tracker control rights delegation.
- Installation of servers on standalone PC
- Trackers operation modes
- Intuitive Geofence settings
- Radio signal jamming detection
- Parallel display of several trackers routes
- Minimum stay reports
- Positioning without GPS fix
MGV-300 tracking device
MGV-300 complies with IP67 regulations for dust and water proofing with its enclosure made from shockproof ABS plastic and all connectors fixed with crewd fixed covers.
- 2 powerful magnets: Tracker  can quickly and
reliably be attached to any steel surface.
- Button-detach alarm sensor: to alarm when
tracker is removed from the surface.
The device is a high-tech product designed for covert vehicle tracking.
Miniature GPS/GSM tracker can be monitored and controlled using a server or SMS message.
Device is mounted rapidly thanks to removable attachment platforms
System enclosed in a sealed casing.
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