UFED Touch

Delivering Cloud Data Access and Insights to Accelerate Investigations

 UFED Cloud Analyzer provides forensic practitioners with instant extraction, preservation and analysis of private social media accounts -- Facebook, Twitter, Kik, Instagram -- file storage and other cloud-based account content that can help speed investigations.
Part of the UFED Pro Series, this unique and powerful investigative tool automatically collects both existing cloud data and metadata and packages it in a forensically sound manner. Examiners can efficiently search, filter and sort data to quickly identify “Who? When? Where?” details to advance their investigations 

UFED CLOUD Key Features
  • Mobile-based extraction

Access private-user cloud data utilizing login information extracted from the mobile device.

  • Username-based extraction
 Login to private-user cloud data using usernames and passwords provided by the investigated subject, retrieved from personal files, contacts or via other discovery means.
  • Forensic data preservation
Extract information from cloud data sources while logging and tracing the entire process to maintain data authenticity. Each piece of extracted data is hashed seperately and can be later compared against its origin.


  • Visualize data in a unified format
Normalize different cloud services in a unified format and view in Timeline, File, Thumbnails, Contacts or Maps format.


  • Report, share & export
Generate and share easy to read PDF reports for entire data sets or filtered information. Export extracted data to other analytical tools for deeper analysis and cross source investigation with third party data. 
UFED Cloud Analyzer Enables Users To:

• Perform Timely Extractions of Private User Data

• Unify and Organize Disparate Data into a Common View

• Share and Integrate Data for Further Analysis


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