UFED Touch
UFED CHINEX, A powerful solution to extract fata from phones with Chinese chipsets – MTK and Spreadtrum
Source: http://www.cellebrite.com/mobile-forensics/products/standalone/ufed-chinex
UFED CHINEX boasts the following features:

Physical extraction and decoding amongst a vast range of Chinese phones.
Decoding and deep analysis with the UFED Physical Analyzer including: Call Logs, SMS, MMS, Video, Images, deleted data, GPS fixes and much more...

UFED CHINEX offers a complete solution containing everything you need, either for lab or for field work. From a single adapter to an easy to carry case, Cellebrite takes care of the smallest details, leaving you with hassle-free, reliable, data extraction equipment.

Extraction kit including everything you need. The UFED CHINEX contains:

- Enhanced phone adapter
- Adapter cables
- A large selection of individual connectors
- USB Cable
- Quick User Guide
 UFED CHINEX is an extension of the UFED ULTIMATE

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